Modem on SuSE (T41)

56K V.92 designed modem
56 Kbps data/14.4Kbps fax
(winmodem :-p)

Downloaded slmodem-2.9.6.tar.gz from:

Step 1: Untar and unzip

Untar and unzipped the file:

# tar xzvf slmodem-2.9.6.tar.gz

Moved to the directory   

# cd slmodem-2.9.6

I set the KERNEL_DIR value as follows in Makefile KERNEL_DIR:=/usr/src/linux

and tried doing "#make install". It showed errors and the following messages:
"The kernel sources in /usr/src/linux are not yet configured."
"Please run ''make cloneconfig && make dep'' in /usr/src/linux/"
"to get a kernel that is configured like the running kernel."
"Alternatively, you can copy one of the config files" "arch/$ARCH/defconfig.* to .config, and run"

So as root, I moved to /usr/src/linux, and did:

Step 2: make cloneconfig && make dep

# make cloneconfig && make dep

(successful, returned 0 exit status when I tried "#echo $?")

Step 3: make install

I changed KERNEL_DIR value in Makefile as:

Then i did:

# make install

(successful, returned 0 exit status when I tried "echo $?")

Step 4: Running the modem

I then loaded modem kernel modules using:

# modprobe slamr

I was able to see ''slamr'' entry from the output of lsmod.

I ran the modem as:

# /usr/sbin/slmodemd --country=USA /dev/slamr0

When I ran the modem, It said:
Use /dev/ttySL0 as modem device

So, after starting the modem I created a symbolic link as follows:

# ln -s /dev/ttySL0 /dev/modem

Configured KPPP and I was able to connect!!