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Dedicated in loving memory of my Aunt, Dr. Mrs. S. S. Kodimani (1945-2009).



This book has been written to help students and professionals as well to work on free and open source software (F/OSS) projects. These software projects are released under a freely distributable license which allow you to use, copy, make changes, and distribute the software. This is different from proprietary software, where you only receive an executable under a restrictive license, and the source code is not provided to you. The book teaches you the methodology to be followed when working with F/OSS projects and similar programs. This will help you to become a valuable contributor to these projects, and get wide recognition as an individual.

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"I think, put this book in hands of every student that passes out of college and looks for a job. Or probably if you're hiring freshers in your company, give them this book on joining. I did attend a few talks of Shakthi Kannan, and he hits the nail head on as to what is missing in new developer skillsets."
           - Srikrishna Das, Founder, Toonheart Studios

"Shakthi Kannan has the rare ability to inspire and teach people in a way that makes learning fun and interesting - he is able to teach even the most complex topics in a way that makes it simple to follow up and that is encouraging to expand on the subject."
           - Joerg Simon, Board Member Emeritus, Fedora Project, Head of Audit Service, HIC AG

"Shakthi's knowledge on F/OSS is wide and touches many functional areas. He always amazes me with his insight in many subject matters whenever I have interacted with him at conferences and online forums. I have found him very helpful to people who seek knowledge and are willing to put in the extra effort to learn things the 'right way'."
           - Arun Khan, Director, Silver Arc Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.

"Shakthi Kannan takes F/OSS to the masses, not by pontification but by projecting the practical implications. A good educator and technologist with deep knowledge, his book is a great boon, particularly to the student community."
           - Dr. Srinivasan Sundararajan, Faculty, M.Sc. (CS-FOSS), Anna University

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