Ubuntu Dapper Beta GNU/Linux on T41

gnome image    bluefish image    fluxbox image

Installation was pretty straight-forward. Used the first CD to boot into the system, did the basic install. My partitioning scheme is as follows:

/dev/hda1 is /.
/dev/hda2 is /home.
/dev/hda3 is swap.
/dev/hda4 is data partition.

 Device  Boot  Start  End  Blocks  Id  System
 /dev/hda1    1  1216  9767488+  83  Linux
 /dev/hda2    1217  3648  19535040  83  Linux
 /dev/hda3    3649  3679  249007+  82  Linux swap
 /dev/hda4    3680  4427  6008310  83  Linux

The first CD simply does the base installation and it reboots. It will then proceed with user account setup, software packages wherein you need to insert all 3 CDs, one by one, to update the database list of software packages available. After completion of software installation, it booted into X. Used the other CDs for installing required software with Synaptic Packet Manager. I am using Gnome with the kernel.

Configuration files/outputs



I am using XFree86 with gnome and ati drivers. I also have fluxbox installed.

Tamil language support

One of the primary reasons for choosing Ubuntu is its good localization support. I am able to use Tamil Gnome interface, key-in in Tamil with unicode in Gedit, Gaim, Abiword, Bluefish. I am also able to view Tamil text in Mozilla Firefox. This has greatly helped me in launching

Gigabit Ethernet

Works by default. I am using the e1000 Intel driver.

CD/RW DVD Combo Drive

Works by default. I am able to play DVDs using mplayer. I have also tested CD writing with K3B.


By default, the kernel sources have ALSA support compiled in and I am able to play music using xmms and mplayer.


Works by default.


Works by default. I am able to use my Sandisk 256 MB USB stick and Sony DSC-P93 digital camera with gphoto2. I have also configured with ease the HP PSC 1210 printer that connects through the USB port.