The photos taken during the “Introduction to FLOSS” workshop at SSN College of Engineering, SSN Nagar, Tamil Nadu, India, today, Saturday, March 18, 2006 are available in my /gallery.


Thanks to the Management, SSN College of Engineering, Dr. Aravindhan (HOD, CSD), Prof. Balasubramanian (Lecturer, CSD), and to students and faculty/staff of SSN College of Engineering. Thanks also to Naren who has been coordinating this event for the past three weeks.

Vijay Kumar began the day’s proceedings with an introduction to Free Software. I then conducted the “Careers with GNU/Linux” presentation. Joe Steeve handled installation of Fedora Core. We had lunch between 1130 and 1230 IST. Ashwin began the afternoon session with his talk on “Squid, GLAMP, ntop”. Vijay then gave an introduction to GUI programming with GTK. Sujith, from NRC-FOSS, followed with his presentation on Scilab and GNU Octave. I then gave a demo of “Multimedia on GNU/Linux” and played the the demo video of xgl/opengl.

The audience were from different departments, and we had good interactive sessions. SSN folks are very keen on *nix environments, and are interested in many follow-up sessions. Suggestions were provided to start a user group within campus so students can participate.

Thanks to Vijay Kumar, Joe Steeve, Naren, Ashwin, Sujith for their company and participation. I had a great time!