I conducted a full-day “Introduction to Free/Libre Open Source Software” workshop on Saturday, August 5, 2006 at Karpagam Arts and Science College, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

Revolution OS movie

I covered career opportunities with FLOSS, Free/Libre Open Source Software that is available for students/engineers, the GNU/Linux desktop, localization with GNU/Linux, and played the movie, “The Revolution OS”.

The students were from the CS and MCA department. Usually, I prefer to speak in Tamil within Tamil Nadu, but, because the audience comprised of people from Tamil Nadu and Kerala, English was preferred. The college has recently received autonomous status. I have given AU-KBC contacts to them to take up FLOSS projects, and to start taking FLOSS initiatives to serve the community in and around Coimbatore.

They will be starting a GNU/Linux Campus Club/User Group on campus, soon. They do require technical support and guidance (initially, atleast) from ILUGC, AU-KBC members for FLOSS work.

I would like to thank Prof. E. Karthikeyan, Senior Lecturer, Computer Science Department to have arranged for the workshop in one week’s time, and for the wonderful hospitality offered.

You can check out the photos from my /gallery.