The photos taken during “FLOSSAGE 2006”, between August 19-20, 2006 at Jaya Engineering College, Thiruninravur, Tamil Nadu, India can be viewed from my /gallery.


I shall make a CD copy of the photos (high resolution) and send it to Harish (Secretary, Jaya Engineering College GNU/Linux Campus Club). Thanks to Harish for coordinating and helping us around. I must congratulate Prof. Kumaran for doing a very good job in organizing the whole event. Thanks also to the management, faculty, students of Jaya Engineering college for the wonderful hospitality offered.

Students were very enthusiastic about FLOSS. It was something very new to them, and they were very eager to learn it and try it. I was particulary impressed by the ‘Blender team’ who picked it up so easily, and were doing cool animations! If we can continue to guide them, they will definitely make good contributions to FLOSS.

Thanks to the other ILUGC, NRCFOSS volunteers too. I had a great time!