On September 19, 2009, Software Freedom Day at Hyderabad, I visited Devnar Foundation for the Blind, a follow-up to last weekends’ installation.

Most of their systems have been donated. So, there are different motherboards, and brands. Apparently, the local AMC support guy who had come today didn’t have drivers for different proprietary OSes, and for different motherboards. I then migrated their office computers to Fedora 11 :)

Now, they have HCL, Wipro computers running Fedora. I have disabled many start-up services, to boot the systems faster. I also adjusted Orca pitch, rate settings for clarity. It should take them some time to get accustomed to the American accent.

Thanks to Prof. Haasan, Department of Astronomy, Osmania University, I have deployed Fedora 11 repository (29 GB) at one of their department systems.

They are interested in creating a Fedora Spin for Astronomy, and release it, as this is the International Year of Astronomy. I have provided Rahul Sundarams’ e-mail contact to them.