Pushed poky-scripts to Fedora repository. Poky is a platform builder tool written in Python that allows you to build toolchains, kernels, rootfs images for different target hardware. Use:

# yum install poky-scripts

You can test run pre-built images, for example from Pinky (3.1.x) releases:

$ poky-qemu zImage-2.6.23-pinky-3.1-qemuarm.bin poky-image-sdk-qemuarm-pinky-3.1.rootfs.ext2
Poky QEMU ARM screenshot

If you want to build your complete environment, you need to download the latest Poky stable release 3.2.x ‘Purple’ (latest) and extract it to ~/devel. Make sure you have a broadband connection and atleast 3G of disk space as the scripts will fetch, build everything from toolchains, kernels, user space applications. Follow the Poky handbook which is very well documented. Supported reference platforms include (to mention a few):

  • Intel Atom devices
  • Compulab cm-x270 and em-x270
  • Freescale MX31
  • ST Nomadik
  • Marvell Zylonite
  • QEMU ARM and x86