Attended May months’ Hyderabad user group meeting on Sunday, May 16, 2010 at:

Rhythm & Hues Studios India Pvt. Ltd.
The V, Vega Block, 11th Floor,
Left Wing, Plot No - 17, Software Units layout
HITEC City, Madhapur, 
Hyderabad 500 081

Satish “iloveblender” Goda gave a very informative talk about the history of the Blender project, animation movies created using the Blender software, pipelines involved in animation movie production, and on how the blender community functions in producing open animation movies with the guidance of Ton Roosendaal.

Their open animation movie projects are code named after names of fruits. One interesting aspect is that before starting on a new movie project, one can pay and pre-order the DVD, and your name is added to the credits when the movie is released. This funding also helps the team in producing the movie!

Thanks to the Management of Rhythm & Hues Studios India Pvt. Ltd. for hosting our user group meet at their auditorium. Special thanks to “cheedhu” and “iloveblender” for initiating the effort. We hope to have more sessions of blender and other F/OSS sessions at this venue.

A photo taken at the end of the session: