Teal, the popular verification utility and connection library is now available for Fedora:

$ sudo yum install teal

It is a C++ multithreaded library to verify verilog designs. It deals with simulation logging, error reporting, threading, memory model management. It basically provides all the low level building blocks needed to start a verification environment. A simple example:

#include <teal.h>
using namespace teal;
int verification_top ()
  vreg clock (“testbench.clk”);
  vout log (“Chapter 4- Example 1”);
  dictionary::start (“simple_clock_test.txt”);
  uint number_of_periods (dictionary::find (“number_of_clocks”,20));
  for (int i(0); i < number_of_periods; ++i)  {
    log << note << “i is “ << i << clock is << clock << endm;
  dictionary::stop ();
  vlog::get (expected) << “test completed” << endl;

It is released under the Trusster open source license, but, that is incompatible with the GPL. But, thanks to the founders of, Mike Mintz and Robert Ekendahl, who agreed to release the same under the LGPLv2+ and GPLv2+ license for Fedora!