ghc-ansi-terminal, ANSI terminal support for Haskell is now available for Fedora. It allows cursor movement, clearing the screen, coloured output, showing or hiding the cursor, and setting the title.

$ sudo yum install ghc-ansi-terminal ghc-ansi-terminal-devel

An example code, ansi.hs is given below:

import System.Console.ANSI

main = do
    setCursorPosition 5 0
    setTitle "ANSI Terminal Short Example"

    setSGR [ SetConsoleIntensity BoldIntensity
           , SetColor Foreground Vivid Red
    putStr "Hello"
    setSGR [ SetConsoleIntensity NormalIntensity
           , SetColor Foreground Vivid White
           , SetColor Background Dull Blue
    putStrLn "World!"

A screenshot of the output when the above code is executed:

ghc-ansi-terminal output screenshot