I had conducted a one-day hands-on “Introduction to Python” programming workshop at Maharashtra Institute of Technology, College of Engineering, Kothrud, Pune, India on Saturday, August 6, 2011.

The participants were engineering students who had some programming experience but were new to Python. I wanted to do a hands-on session so I could help them along the way. I decided to use the presentation Python: Introduction for Programmers by Bruce Beckles and Bob Dowling from the University Computing Service, University of Cambridge. I had requested permission to re-use the slides giving credit to the authors, for which they agreed.

Two software labs (I and II) were made available at the venue. Remote desktop was setup so the slides were visible on both the lab projectors. A speaker system was arranged so people could hear me from either lab. Gedit was used to write simple programs.

Software Lab I

Thanks to Prof. Reena D. Pagare (MIT, College of Engineering) for working with me during the last few weeks in organizing this workshop.

More photos taken at the venue and during the workshop are available at my /gallery.