I had presented GNU Make, Dum Ka Biryani, Make for each other at ICE-FOSS 2011, August 26-27, 2011 at Federal Institute of Science and Technology, Angamaly, Kerala.


The conference had talks, hands-on workshops, and project demos. There were interesting projects displayed at the stalls by the students varying from Arduino-based hardware projects, to Python mobile application development to games, and applications developed using opencv. Pamphlets were made for each project, and given to the visitors at the stall. I reviewed the projects that were demoed and gave them feedback. The Institute is in the process of migrating their servers, so we should (hopefully) see the sources made available online.

I also had a chance to meet Anvar K Sadath, Executive Director at the IT@School project. They have trained nearly 2 lakh teachers on F/OSS over the years. Their new initiative is animation training using free/open source software.

The Institute does have a cluster setup called “Dakshina” which is used by students, and the faculty. They also do allow other nearby colleges to use the facility on request.

Dakshina cluster

Thanks to the Management of FISAT, for sponsoring my travel and for the wonderful hospitality. Photos taken during the trip are available at my /gallery.