I had presented From Python to Silicon: python-myhdl talk at PyCon India 2011, September 16-18, 2011 at Symbiosis, Pune, India.

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The first day of the (un)conference was filled with tutorials. I attended the Functional Programming with Python talk by Anand Chitipothu. He had illustrated list comprehensions, recursions, higher-order functions, iterators and generators in Python with numerous examples.

On the second day, I attended the keynote by Raymond Hettinger on What Makes Python Awesome. It was a very informative talk illustrating the key characteristics of Python, and the community that surrounds it.

I also attended the Python on Android talk by Sajjad Anwar, who gave simple examples using android-scripting. The Emacs as a Python IDE talk by Noufal Ibrahim had useful tips and tricks on using Emacs for development work, and issue tracking using org-mode. I also attended the Decorators as Composable Abstractions by Sidhant Godiwala which was an introduction to using decorators in Python.

On the final day of the event, I attended Network Programming with Umit Project by Narendran Thangaranjan who gave demos on network protocol implementation, and testing in Python using the Umit project. Jivitesh Singh Dhaliwal gave a demo of using PySerial to control robots in the Python in the Real World: From Blinking LEDs to Advanced Robotics talk.

My presentation slides are available. Thanks to Christopher Felton for his valuable feedback.

Few photos taken during the event are available at my /gallery.