In preparation to FUDCon, Pune 2011, we had organized a Fedora Activity Day (FAD) I at Red Hat, Pune, India on Saturday, September 24, 2011.


Rahul Sundaram started the proceedings with a session on how to contribute to Fedora, and how people can get involved with the community. I showed the various communication channels that people need to use to connect with the large Fedora community.

Understanding Fedora

We then proceeded to do a hands-on session on RPM packaging. We used the GNU Hello RPM packaging example from the wiki. Rahul and I explained each section of the .spec file, and showed them how to use rpmbuild. The participants learnt to write the .spec file, and also built, installed, and tested the hello package.

We then took a break for lunch following which I presented a hands-on session on git using the di-git-ally managing love letters presentation. Siddhesh Poyarekar then took an introductory hands-on session on autotools.

Autotools session

All the presentations are available in the FAD wiki page. Thanks to Red Hat for letting us use their facility, and for sponsoring the pizza! They were able to arrange for ten laptops with Fedora 15 installed for participants who didn’t have laptops.

Thanks also to Kashyap Chamarthy, Kushal Das, Siddhesh Poyarekar for their help to the participants during the workshop sessions.