In preparation to FUDCon, Pune 2011, we had organized our second Fedora Activity Day (FAD) at the FOSS Lab, College of Engineering, Pune, India on Saturday, October 8, 2011. Thanks to COEP for hosting the FAD, and to Prof. Abhijit for working with us in organizing the same. Saleem Ansari had setup using Conference Organization Distribution, which we used it for registration at the venue.

FOSS Lab audience

Prasad Pandit started the day’s proceedings with an introduction to Python. Basic syntax, semantics of Python were covered, and we helped the participants in getting started in writing simple scripts. I then presented an overview of contributing to Fedora using the i-want-2-do-project. tell-me-wat-2-do-fedora presentation, and the various communication channels that they need to be familiar with to work with the larger Fedora community.

communication channels

We had lunch at the COEP Boat Club canteen. After lunch, Kashyap Chamarthy presented KVM virtualization in Fedora illustrating examples using libvirt and virt tools. Amit Shah and Kashyap answered queries regarding virtualization. Saleem Ansari then presented an introduction to web development and Django, illustrating the use of model, view and template design. I concluded the day’s sessions with an introduction to git using the di-git-ally managing love letters presentation.

Few photos taken at the event are available in my /gallery.