FUDCon Pune

I arrived early on day I of FUDCon Pune 2011 to help with the registration desk. We had different counters for speakers and volunteers, and for delegates. A printer was available for us to print badges, directions, or posters as required.

Registration desk

I attended the keynote by Jared Smith, the Fedora Project Leader. The illustrations used in his presentation, ‘Fedora “State of the Union” Address’ were really good. I then proceeded to the classrooms to attend Ramakrishna Reddy’s talk on ‘Developer Survivor Manual’. He addressed essential things that newbie developers need to know, and demoed various revision control systems. Fedora banners were placed at various seminar locations on campus to indicate where the talks and sessions were being held.

Registration desk

Lunch was served at 12 noon, and then I moved on to attend the ‘Fedora Remix and the Community’ talk by Danishka Navin. He shared his experience with the Hanthana project, which is a Fedora remix that has support for Sinhalese, and Tamil and has been deployed at various schools in Sri Lanka. Fedora is one of the first and largest user of gitolite, and I was happy to meet its author, Sitaram Chamarthy, from TCS Innovation Labs, Hyderabad, India. His talk was filled with numerous examples from people using gitolite. The other large users of gitolite are KDE and I then attended the ‘GlusterFS’ talk by Krishna Srinivas from Red Hat, who gave an overview of the Gluster file system, its architecture, and uses.