FUDCon Pune

I arrived early again on day II of FUDCon Pune 2011. The day’s proceedings started with a keynote by Harish Pillay on his thoughts on community work, and on his new role as the lead of Community Architecture. I then attended the ‘Security in the Open Source world!’ talk by Eugene Teo and Huzaifa Sidhpurwala. Their talk covered quite a bit on the various security threats, and on how they are handled.

Eugene Teo

Since I attended the GlusterFS overview talk on the first day, I wanted to follow it up with the ‘GlusterFS: Hacking HOWTO’ talk by Amar Tumballi. He suggested newbies to read on translators as a starting point to work with Gluster, along with few ideas that they could start with. Lunch was again served at 12 noon. After lunch, I headed to Seminar Hall 2 for my talk on ‘Quite Universal Circuit Simulator - A Qt Love Story’ (QUCS). It is an introduction to electrical circuit theory using circuit components as “fictional” men and women. The example circuits were created using qucs-0.0.15. The examples are available at the gitorious repo:

$ git clone git://

After my talk, I went to the auditorium to attend the talk by Amit Shah on ‘Linux Virtualization’ followed by Kashyap Chamarthy’s talk on ‘Virtualization with Libvirt’. They had given a good overview of virtualization in the Linux kernel, and available tools that one could use. I do use Publican, and thus attended Jared Smith’s talk on the same. Publican does insert blank pages to ensure that new chapters start on the right-hand side if the content were to be printed as a book. For the final talk of the day, I attended Rahul Sundaram’s session on Askbot for Fedora, and the roadmap and features that he is interested in. We then travelled to Hotel Parc Estique for the FUDPub!