FUDCon Pune

As a follow-up to my talk on QUCS on day II of FUDCon Pune 2011, I wanted to create circuit examples on the final day from a text book that was being followed for basic electrical engineering course work. This would be a supplement that a student can use when learning circuit theory. Anuj More and Payas Awadhutkar joined in, and we worked on schematics from chapter I of ‘Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering’ by Leonard S. Boborow, a.k.a “Babu Rao” in India. The schematics were created in qucs-0.0.16, and are available from Payas Awadhutkar gitorious repo:

$ git clone git://

As a finale to the event, Jared Smith cut the Fedora cake!

Jared cutting the cake

I would like to thank all the volunteers from College of Engineering, Pune and Prof. Abhijit A M who coordinated with us in organizing this conference. Thanks also goes to the Fedora contributors who helped in getting things done. Special thanks to Red Hat for sponsoring the event, and for their wonderful support. The COEP volunteers:

COEP volunteers

We trained many students over the years as part of the Fedora project. I was very happy to see them as speakers and present on the things that they have been working on, and also help others when required during the conference. This is the best outcome that I take from the event.

All the photos taken at FUDCon Pune 2011 are available in my /gallery.