I had organized a one-day Fedora workshop at Indira College of Commerce and Science, Pune, Maharashtra, India on Saturday, June 30, 2012. The college is affiliated to the University of Pune.

The participants were post-graduate students in computer applications. They were familiar with basic programming in C, C++, Java and PHP. Their syllabus now mandates the use of *nix. Fedora was installed on all their lab machines for students to use and learn.

The forenoon session was lecture-based, where I began with an overview of the system architecture. Installation concepts were discussed, along with common newbie mistakes that are made during installation. I then demoed the Fedora desktop, and showed the various software, and window managers that they can use. The need to use a version control system was emphasized, and also introduced them to the use of git, with few examples.

Lab session in progress

Post-lunch was a lab session, where students worked on shell scripts and C programming exercises. I gave them numerous examples on how they can improve their programs by composing functions that do one thing and do it well. The students were also advised to follow coding guidelines, and learn and improve by reading code from free/open source software projects. I have also given them the latest Fedora .iso images (32-bit and 64-bit).

Thanks to Antriksh Shah for his help in organizing this workshop. Few photos taken during the event are available in my /gallery.