identica-mode is an Emacs mode to receive and submit updates to laconica microblogging site. It is now available in Fedora. Install it using:

 $ sudo yum install emacs-identica-mode

To enter into identica-mode in GNU Emacs, you can use:

M-x identica-mode

Or, you can also add the following in your ~/.emacs:

(require 'identica-mode)
(setq identica-username "yourusername")

To send an update, use C-c C-s within GNU Emacs, or use:

M-x identica-update-status-interactive

To view the public timeline, you can use:

C-c C-a

To view a user’s timeline, you can use:

C-c C-u

To send a direct message to a user, you can use:

C-c C-d

You can press ‘G’ anytime to refresh the timeline in the *identica* buffer. The Identica mode manual has more examples and shortcuts to interact with