I wanted to start the New Year (2018) by organizing an Emacs meetup session in the APAC time zone. Since there are a number of users in different cities, I thought a virtual session will be ideal. An online Google Hangout session was scheduled for Monday, January 15, 2018 at 1000 IST.

Hangout announcement

Although I announced the same only on Twitter and IRC (#emacs on, we had a number of Emacsers join the session. The chat log with the useful web links that were shared are provided below for reference.

We started our discussion on organizing Org files and maintaining TODO lists.

9:45 AM Suraj Ghimire: it is clear and loud :) video quality is good too 
                       yes. is there any session today on hangouts ?
                       wow thats nice thanks you for introducing me to emacs :). I am happy emacs user
                       should we add bhavin and vharsh for more testing
                       oh you already shared :)
9:55 AM Suraj Ghimire:  working on some of my todos

For few Vim users who wanted to try Emacs Org mode, it was suggested to get started with Spacemacs. Other project management and IRC tools with Emacs were also shared:

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10:05 AM Shakthi Kannan:
                         ERC for IRC chat

10:13 AM Shakthi Kannan:
10:18 AM Suraj Ghimire: I started using emacs after your session on emacs, before that i used to 
                        get scared due to lot of shortcuts. I will work on improvements you told me.
10:19 AM Shakthi Kannan: M - Alt, C - Control

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We then discussed on key bindings, available modes, and reading material to learn and master Emacs:

10:27 AM Shakthi Kannan:
10:31 AM Shakthi Kannan:

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10:42 AM Shakthi Kannan:

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Users also wanted to know of language modes for Erlang:

10:52 AM Shakthi Kannan:

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10:54 AM Shakthi Kannan:

Aaron Hall joined the channel and had few interesting questions. After an hour, we ended the call.

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10:54 AM Aaron Hall: hi!
10:54 AM Dhavan Vaidya: hi!
10:55 AM Aaron Hall: This is really cool!

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10:57 AM Aaron Hall: Anyone here using Emacs as their window manager?
10:57 AM Suraj Ghimire: not yet :)
10:57 AM Shakthi Kannan: I am "mbuf" on IRC.
10:58 AM Aaron Hall: What about on servers? I just played around, but I like tmux for persistence and emacs inside of tmux.
10:59 AM Shakthi Kannan:
11:00 AM Aaron Hall: Is anyone compiling emacs from source?

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11:00 AM Aaron Hall: yay, me too!

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11:00 AM Aaron Hall: it wasn't easy to start, the config options are hard
                     I had trouble especially with my fonts until I got my configure right

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11:03 AM Shakthi Kannan:
11:04 AM Aaron Hall anyone using Haskell? With orgmode? I've been having a lot of trouble with that...
                    code blocks are hard to get working
                    not really sure
                    it's been a while since I worked on it
                    I had a polyglot file I was working on, I got a lot of languages working
                    Python, Bash, R, Javascript,
                    I got C working too
11:06 AM Shakthi Kannan: Rajesh:
11:07 AM Aaron Hall: cheers, this was fun!

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A screenshot of the Google Hangout session is shown below:

Google Hangout screenshot

We can try a different online platform for the next meetup (Monday, February, 19, 2018). I would like to have the meetup on the third Monday of every month. Special thanks to Sacha Chua for her valuable inputs in organizing the online meetup session.