I had organized a hands-on scripting workshop using the Elixir programming language for the Computer Science and Engineering department, MVJ College of Engineering, Whitefield, Bengaluru on May 5, 2018.

Elixir scripting session

The department were interested in organizing a scripting workshop, and I felt using a new programming language like Elixir with the power of the Erlang Virtual Machine (VM) will be a good choice. The syntax and semantics of the Elixir language were discussed along with the following topics:

  • Basic types
  • Basic operators
  • Pattern matching
  • case, cond and if
  • Binaries, strings and char lists
  • Keywords and maps
  • Modules and functions

Students had setup Erlang and Elixir on their laptops, and tried the code snippets in the Elixir interpreter. The complete set of examples are available in the following repo:

A group photo was taken at the end of the workshop.

Elixir scripting session

I would like to thank Prof. Karthik Myilvahanan J for working with me in organizing this workshop.